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Recently I have been working on my VFX and Animation skills. I want to be able to use these in each one of my projects going forward. So I can exercise these skills and get used to implementing them projects that way it stays fresh in my mind. I want to reedit my Captain Jack project to include an animation portion I was working on but did not finish in time to make it to the project.

Some of the skills I am interested in are keying, rotoscoping, puppeting techniques, claymation, and traditional animation. I included some of my work I have done previously and would love any tips and links that readers may find useful to improving my skills.


For this portion of the project I was heavily inspired by the film Run Lola Run. I saw this in my German Cinema course I took here at University of Houston and really love the style of animation matched with film to emphasize the game like theme the film creates.



Attached are the stills of a scene from Run Lola Run as well as a screen-grab from the project I am currently working on below is my VFX reel from last year. Would love feedback and comments on how I can improve.





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