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Yesterday, Travis Scott and Drake released the music video for their song Sicko Mode, form Scott’s album Astroworld. The video was filmed throughout Houston, and there were many interesting shots that I liked and wanted to share.




In this clip, Drake’s face begins to shatter into pieces, creating a neat effect. This is reminiscent of his 2010 commercial for Sprite, which had a similar concept.





This scene features Travis and Drake in a parking lot surrounded by cars and other people. It uses a stop motion effect and camera zooms to make them appear larger than life.






Drake’s fingers created a focal point for us to keep our eyes on, and the scene moves around it, while it stays in place.


Drake is supposed to be falling at light speed throughout a galaxy. I liked the diverse range of colors used in this shot.



And finally, my favorite scene from the video:


Impeccable. This scene really speaks to me on a personal level.




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  • Jimmy Joseph

    that’s some cool stuff there! Though that last shot you mention, and how it speaks to you on a personal level, lol, that’s funny. Still a cool shot though.

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