It was not a good day

 In A thought

Rough day at the offices this morning and again last night.

I know in my heart there is great potential in everyone in the office.

I provide structure and guidelines and freedom in many ways to spur everyone to create.

I provide opportunities for everyone and ideally those are opportunities to succeed.

Of course any opportunity for success has a flip side of the chance for failure attached.

Yesterday, I had to let two people walk away from their production group because of interpersonal strife and ironically enough a lack of communication.

I have a train loaded with disaster flying down the tracks towards a hard deadline and everyone driving the train is too overconfident to realize they are headed for a crash. I could jump in and pull the breaks, but then who would learn anything from that. It is at the point that I’ll need to let them wreck the train so they can learn anything from the experience. Of course, there are a couple in there that will run right into a wall they’ve been staring at for months and then find someone to blame it on.

Then last night I watched several projects that made me angry and left me depressed.  Depressed and disrespected.

4381 is an arena of learning. It is very much a hands on personal responsibility venue. It is one where questions should be asked and solutions explored. Last night was an example of procrastination at its finest. It was an example of a room full of people starting late because several people were not ready or present on time. Again, procrastination at its finest. There is no way to know if something is good if you are rendering it immediately before showing it. There is no time to verify mistakes and more importantly correct the mistakes.

There were so many nervous people in the room waiting for their projects to be viewed. There was no confidence to be found. If you are not confident in what you have created then ask yourself why that is. And then ask yourself what it says about your respect for the process and the opportunity you have been given.

I had written much more on the subject, but life is too short to make anyone read my further thoughts.

I’ll just close in noting that in life you get out what you put in.

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