More lessons learned

 In A thought

If I separate the top of the chair and keep the silver frame, I can slap some laminate sheets my dad has in his shed and there is a keg. Just need a pump that im sure i can buy at home depot or a party supply store for cheap and there it is. instant keg.

Simplicity is key

Is that robbie or bobbie doing the keg stand?

I am not a creative man by any means. Not for myself anyways. This shoot that we worked on we needed a keg and I offered to make a full-blown fake keg or if we wanted we could just use a hose. Well guess what we went with? Always keep it simple stupid. Also I came through for those who needed me this weekend, I offered my ideas to those who needed them and they took them and made them their own in a way that was beautiful! For my project however that is not the case. I won’t lie, when you see my music project in the challenges section, there will be many that will be amazing – mine will not be in that camp. I messed up by not managing my project well, first of all, had I declined the gig I was at last week(you know the one where payment is a gray area?) I would have had time to myself to shoot my scenes for my project. Second of all, it is stupid hard to direct and act in the production you are directing at the same time! I do not think I will ever do that again. Next time I’m getting an actor. I like to think that I am one who does not make excuses for himself, and I hope that as you read this it doesn’t come off as pathetic ploy at pity. No. This is me reflecting on my actions and my time management. I need to get up off my ass not just for others but for me as well. I just hope future me listens and doesn’t relive this later in life.

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