Hard lesson learned

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This image is from the set of a movie I worked on as a PA last week. For legal reasons I can’t show you much of the set, this is as far as I am allowed to go. This however is not what this post is about. This post was about the hard lesson I learned. I am not a visual learner nor do I learn by reading but by doing. This part was the end of the night. When the movie had wrapped and I was done with 2 twelve hour work days. I learned a lot and hustled so much that people took notice and are looking forward to hiring me again. While I did appreciate the experience what I did not appreciate was the fact that I may not get paid for all my hard work. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed being there and all the connections I made while I was there but not getting paid, as a starving college student is a really big blow. The problem lies in the fact that I was so excited to join another production that I did not even ask about payment. At the end of the weekend I was told that they did not account for me in the production budget. I have full faith in the producer that called me to work however, I learned my lesson. I will not jump in head first into a situation where payment is not guaranteed.

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