Stan: Day 2

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On the set of “Stan”

One of the most difficult challenges a filmmaker can be given is to make a simple, mundane task seem compelling. For the song “Stan”, the titular character spends most of the song simply writing a letter. But I still chose the song because it conveyed emotion that I could capture cinematically, with precise angles and lighting.

Another challenge posed here was that, for logistical purposes, I was tasked with acting along with directing. This meant that I had to work with a cinematographer that I could trust, and that I had to communicate my vision. My girlfriend, Iuliana, is acting as cinematographer. Though you should avoid mixing personal relationships with professional ones, I knew that I could trust her since she had shot one of my earlier short films, “All Nighter”.

“All Nighter”

The “Stan” shoot is proving to be difficult, particularly in just finding the time to do it. But I grow more confidence with each day, and the song continues to inspire me with its emotional resonance.

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