Titanic, or the Little Tug Boat That Could

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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
― Douglas Adams

When we were on the boat in Padre I remember looking at the ship that was headed our way and wondering where he was headed and what if he didn’t go there. What if he just decided to keep going. Sure, my imagination was wandering aimlessly, but you have to admit if that ship happened to be hijacked by a criminal who essentially was trying to bring drugs into the state. What if a complete chase commenced unexpectedly How incredible would that be?

Well, I’ve said all of this to admit that this week has been a challenge for me.I’ve been working on a film project that I just know can be great,but I feel like it’s just as important where you don’t take your audience as where you do take them as well as how you get there.

Films, in my opinion, are vehicles that can transport you into another realm if you allow them to. I feel horrible because I’m not even remotely close to being finished because honestly, I want the story to be great. I feel like the audience deserves a great experience, and I just refuse to not give it my best effort. ( However,  perfectionism may be playing its part as well.)

Hopefully, a tornado of pixie dust heads my way soon. I’m sure when we reach landfall it’ll be an a great experience. I just want to know the work we did was the best that we could’ve done with what we had. It may take a few storms and a few long nights of agony, but  we will get there.


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