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This movie is the one that got me more into cinematography than any other movie I had watched at the time. I remember re-watching it when I was studying composition and storytelling through photography. The way this movie is composed gives you two different stories at the time, giving you different things to put attention to and making you actually read the scenes. Then I realized that it wasn’t just the scenes, but the different acts of the movie had different genres. We see our protagonist (Driver) in a crime movie, but then it turns into romance, then it goes back to crime with a bit of gore, and this gore ultimately morphs into something that resembles a horror movie. This way, we tap into the different sides of Driver’s personality; the part that he dislikes, the one that he wants, the one that he gives up to be the hero he wants to be, and the one he fears.

Driver doesn’t say much throughout the movie, but he is one of the most complex characters I’ve ever seen.

This movie is brilliant.

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