Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches

 In A thought

We were talking about things in the office again and one of us, being old, brought up Dr. Seuss and the star bellied story. Being old, one of us relied on someone else to find the right title. Okay, I’m the old one. I saw this cartoon as a child. It’s based on a book that Dr. Suess (real name Theodore Geisel) published in 1953 called The Sneetches and Other Stories

It is a satire about discrimination between races and cultures and was inspired by his opposition to antisemitism specifically. I still remember learning the insanity of discrimination from watching this as a 3 year old.

As I was finding this clip, I made the mistake of reading a Youtuber’s comment, “It’s not about racism! Didn’t you notice all the sneetches were the same color?” Youtuber commenters are so proudly moronic so often and I hate myself for reading them. Of course, the film is about racism and the stupidity of it. It’s also about materialism, commercialism and lots of other isms.


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