Blue Bulbs

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It’s been quite a challenging week, but I believe challenges give us art to work through. I learned about some of my strengths and weaknesses this week – mostly weaknesses. A valuable lesson life has taught me was to take your time.

I may have taken thousands of pictures in my life, but not with the intent of actually capturing the story as it should be captured. When a painter paints, he/she paints with the delicacy of a swan gliding with the ripples of a pond.

One of my favorite visual storytellers of all time is Michelangelo. The intent he had when creating some of his greatest works was beyond words, and this world. It may have taken him years to complete some of his works, but they’re breathtaking centuries later. So today I take heed and vow to take my time and perfect each stroke of light.

This week’s color palette is diary color is blue: not quite the most amazing captures but they’re in synch with how my current is flowing at the moment and my best attempts.




In the words of the late great Charlie Chaplin, ” Sometimes we think too much and feel too little”. Then there are times we love too little as well. Remember to be kind to yourself, and most importantly, patient.



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