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It’s easy to take for granted just how important motion is in cinematically telling a story. However, that’s what I came to realize while shooting my first individual project with the semester. Tasked with telling a cohesive story in 24 still images, I had to come up with both a story simplistic enough to be told, and twenty-four pictures articulate enough to do the telling.

At first, I thought this would be relatively easy compared to a regular production. After all, you don’t have to deal with audio, and taking still images would seem less time consuming. Again, it would SEEM less time consuming. However, the sad truth is that placing your actors in the perfect spot, while selecting the perfect angle, to match with the perfect lighting. This process almost proved maddening, as my leading man had to lay on the sidewalk as I took probably a hundred pictures of his character “falling”.

A picture speaks a thousand words, but not necessarily the words you’re aiming for. This project is teaching me the importance of shot composition and lighting, because that’s what’s really telling the story.

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