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Why? Well, we must have had a reason. It was Spring and the flowers were in bloom and we’d all just returned from a break. There was nothing on the schedule, but we had a room full of crew and actors who’d thankfully wandered in from the theater next door to spend a few months with us. So, we threw this together that morning. Three hours of work can go a long way. Not necessarily the best way, but a long way indeed.

Shot on the EX1 with two lights, I think, but really only remember the one. Okay, the opening shot had more lights and was the most complex setup of the whole shebang. My AD went on to get his MFA in directing from UCLA’s Film School. I know you can see at least three of the actors in here in the movies now. Some are movies in prime time and others are in-between infomercials. But they are out there working and making a living doing it.


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