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As is with any creative endeavor, there will be obstacles. Ridiculously frustrating obstacles that will make us want to pull the hairs out of our heads and become a STEM major. For anyone looking to seriously pursue a career in filmmaking, as I’ve decided to do, one has to learn how to not overcome to these obstacles, but even how to use them to their advantage.

In the climax of our slasher flick, the protagonist would be chased onto a theater stage, where they would be mercilessly killed. Unfortunately, the drama school was not to keen on a bunch of film students taking over their stage(wonder why), and no other stage was immediately available. This forced my team and I to work around this change, which led to us changing the setting from a stage to a production studio.

While I was ready to lament this forced change and simply roll with the punches, I discovered that the studio setting came with its own advantages. With a stronger control over the environment, we could manipulate the lighting far more freely than we could on any stage. This led to a visually-stunning climax that added more flavor than I could have anticipated, without us having to compromise anything of the story.

In short, we can choose to be frustrated by obstacles, or to look at them as challenges, testing our abilities and pushing us to realize our full potential as artists.

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