Talent vs. Director

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It’s usually very rare that I am in front of the camera as talent. I’m usually behind the scenes directing, operating the camera or anything that doesn’t involve me having a crucial role as a main character. I have a little bit of acting experience from about a year ago, so it was great getting back in there. I was actually pretty excited about it. I was more nervous for Gabe as a director (who did exceptionally well by the way) than I was for myself as an actress.

I will say it was hard not being in control of everything. As the talent, you’re supposed to memorize your lines, stay in character, take instructions from the director and be the best at what you were hired to do. From someone who is a director just starting off, it’s easy for me to want to change up a shot, or move the tripod at a different angle, or say a line the way I thought my character would say it. However, all of that was up to the director and I had to learn to let Gabe do his job. I had to learn to trust him and believe that he would make the right decision in the face of complexity. And he did just that. He was very open to suggestions and adapted to changes well.


“It was very difficult being the talent because I no longer had the final say so in the production decisions. I had to learn to trust the crew, which I figured out is one of my main weaknesses that I need to work on for future projects.”

What I loved most about playing the talent was I actually got a chance to sit back and view things from a different perspective. I formed my own opinions as the talent and I got the chance to reflect on the times I was director and if I executed my position as best as I could. Did I say the right thing to my talent? Did I get my message across clearly? Did I communicate as well as I could have? Did I keep my composure as best as I could? Did I communicate appropriately with my crew? All of these things are so important, but I can admit that I haven’t always accomplished them. I guess this project was meant for me to have extra time and the opportunity to think about these things and figure out how I can be a better director. I had no reason to worry. Ruben and Tia worked great together on the camera and Chris and Guillermo were the dream team on the audio. I have to realize the talent my peers have and trust them to use it to the best of their ability.

“I’m very grateful of my self-reflection that I was able to do during this project. It allowed me to dig deeper than I have before and find ways to be better at the job that I love to do.”


I don’t have to be in control of everything. Sometimes, it’s OK to let others take the lead and direct us to a successful piece of art. There are people who are just as capable as I am and have that ambitious and passionate attitude toward the work. My personal goal is to learn to trust them and trust myself enough to trust them for the sake of better work relationships and successful projects.

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