Slasher Cinema-Behind The Scenes

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As part of a class assignment, I am directing a short homage to classic slasher cinema, drawing influence most heavily from Halloween, Black Christmas, and Friday the 13th. A massive fan of the genre, I initially thought that this would be an effortless task, but contrary to popular belief, the slasher genre is one that demands meticulous craftsmanship(that is, the good ones do.)

While preproduction proved smooth enough once the crew and I devised the basic set-up and premise, our first day of shooting proved to be a challenge. In keeping with slasher tradition, we aimed to film our opening scene with smooth, extensive tracking shots. This required us to perfect our camera movements and work around limitations, such as difficult equipment.

With our second day of shooting ahead, we move forward with more confidence, having settled in to the “slasher” style. Next time, we will be filming the killer stalking about, which will surely provide many more challenges to come. Not ones, however, that my crew will not be able to hurdle.

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